About Mark

Mark Thomas McLaughlin is a spry young fellow hailing from the Olympia, Washington area. His passion for writing has followed him since his wee child years. After ample practice, skill finally caught up to the passion. Although a career in writing fiction would be great, he currently writes essays and editorials about politics and role-playing video games. He’s fine with it. He fancies himself an expert in these topics and quite enjoys expressing and explaining his thoughts about them.

Mark’s writing is most prominent on Medium, where he typically writes about politics, the failures of Capitalism, and the bleak future of journalism. He has a growing following and has had multiple articles highlighted by Medium editors, including one Member Feature article. Aside from all this, Mark has been a member of the editorial staff at RPGamer, a gaming news and opinion blog, since January, 2020, where he writes about role-playing games as an excuse to secretly complain about life.

He lives with his wife and his cat.